Custom Folder Icon (MAC EDITION)

Introduction: Custom Folder Icon (MAC EDITION)

This helps you get a custom folder on your mac. Lets say that you want Patrick to be your folder icon just proceed the following steps and you will have a Patrick folder in no time. Make sure to read every step precisely.


You will need a MAC.

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Step 1: Step 1) Find Wanted Icon.

Find a picture that you like. Make sure that the picture has a white background in the preview but when you click on it has a pattern of squares.

Step 2: Step 2) Copy Image

Click the on the picture with 2 fingers and then press copy image.

Step 3: Step 3)

Go to your folder and click on your folder with two fingers simultaneously. Then a box will pop up.

Step 4: Step 4)

Then when the box pops up you will have to press get info

Step 5: Step 5)

Then another box will pop up, it will have less opacity then the other ones. It looks like this.

Step 6: Step 6)

Then on the folder icon in the top left corner you will have to press the folder icon once to make it selected.

Step 7: Step 7)

Then do command V and it will paste onto the folder and then the folder will look like the icon which you have chosen. Enjoy your brand new folder Icon!!!!

Step 8:

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