Custom Folding H-Quadcopter

Introduction: Custom Folding H-Quadcopter


This the build log of my folding H-Copter. Like my other copters I really love folding multirotors. Warning there are alot of photos :) The build is more of a high level overview and concentrates more on the folding aspect of the copter, rather than a step by step guide on how to build a quadcopter from scratch. Please check out my other Instructable that is more of a how to build a quadcopter if you are new to them.

I designed this quadcopter from scratch and on the fly, I kinda just started with a rough idea what I wanted and then started sketching on paper. I sketch the body in 1/2 sections so I could keep things symmetrical. I mocked it up with props and wooden dowels. I started with 1/2" wooden booms then switched to 1/2" hollow aluminum tubes from Hobby King once I was happy with the performance.

It has a hacked and rebuilt RCTimer camera gimbal and vibration dampening camera tray like David Windeståls.

The FPV system is 5.8ghz with a sony board camera which I fly through separate from the GoPro which is on the gimbal.

The Specs:

  • Flight Controller: DJI Naza-M V2
  • Motors: SunnySky 2216-11 900kv
  • ESC: Hobby King 20A Reflashed with simonk
  • Propellers: 10"x4.5 Frame and Arm Material: Lexan, wood and aluminum
  • RC Timer Camera Gimbal (hacked)
  • Battery: Turnigy 3000mah Lipo

Check out the video for an overview of the H-Copter and a flight at the end of the video.

Step 1: The Frame Build

Step 2: The Camera Gimbal

Step 3: Pictures of Finished Copter

Step 4: FPV Monitor Mount

Thanks for checking my article out

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Good Evening,

    Nice project, what thickness Lexan did you use? I need / want a folding quadcopter, the H designs really interest me. I may use Lexan as you did or possible G10 fiberglass.



    4 years ago

    Hey can u pls tel me the dimension of that plate and arms


    5 years ago

    What's the total cost of this build?