Custom Gear Motor Mount

Introduction: Custom Gear Motor Mount

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Did you ever have a piece that you wanted to mount to something else, but couldn't figure out an easy way to make it work? This instructable shows a fast way to put things together.

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Step 1:

I started with a gear motor

This is very powerful and cost effective, but it has lots of round and complicated shapes involved.

Step 2:

I just squished the motor into Sculpey clay to make a model of the complex configuration on the bottom of the motor.

Although I used a scanner, software and 3d printer to create my mount, you could make a couple of mounting holes and bake the clay to achieve about the same result.

Step 3:

Scan the clay mold.

At, I combined the scanned clay base with a designed flat piece (plate with four holes). Then, using the Tinkercad "hole" tool, I made a couple of holes in the scanned piece where I could secure tie wraps.

3D files are here:

Step 4:

In just a few minutes design time (and a few hours print time), I created a secure mount and can continue working on my project.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    For a one off I'd have wrapped the motor in a polyethylene freezer bag replaced the sculpy clay with car body filler once set drilled a couple of holes for the cable ties job done.