Custom Invisible Guitar Pickguard




Introduction: Custom Invisible Guitar Pickguard

When you strum a guitar, the pick will inevitably scratch the finish. While guys like Willie Nelson are proud of their road worn status, the average guitar player wants to keep their guitar looking good. Especially when they may have paid up to $10,000.00 or more for their cherished instrument. Even guitars that have a plastic pickguard in place can use my method to keep the pickguard from getting all scratched up. Finger pickers can do just as much damage with their long fingernails. Lets get started.......

Step 1: Obtain Your Materials

You will need:

a pair of scissors

a sheet of cling vinyl

a permanent marker

Step 2: STEPS

Start by laying the cling vinyl with the backing still on to the lower bout. While holding it in place, press the outline with your finger where the shape will transfer to the vinyl. Use a permanent marker to trace a dotted line in the desired shape using the guide you just made. Carefully cut the vinyl to fit. You may have to make minor adjustments before the final install. When you have achieved perfection, peel off the backing and apply. VOILA! An invisible shield for your guitars finish that will not harm the finish, can be removed at any time and is a VERY inexpensive way to protect your investment. Easy peezy, takes 5 minutes. I have used this on high gloss finishes, satin finishes and barely any finish at all. Try it!

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    2 years ago

    That's a great simple solution!