How to Build Custom Iron Sights

Introduction: How to Build Custom Iron Sights

In this instructable, I'm going to show you how to create iron sights for your spudgun, air rifle, or whatever you want to. They are made from sheets of pvc. If you can buy sheet pvc, that would be better but I am cheap so I made my own following these instructions. My design is based off of the sights of a chain gun/grenade launcher from Crysis: Warhead, but you can design your own sights if you want. I would recomend using MW2 to get different ideas for iron sights. Also, don't be fooled by how complex the sights I'm building look. You could make a basic set like what are on most pistols if you don't want to do too much work but still want sights.

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Step 1: Get the Necessities

To make this project, you first must obtain pvc sheet. you can buy or make it. If you want to, you can use wood or some other kind of plastic, but I think that the PVC would be the strongest. (not that these have to withstand much force)

PVC sheet
Gorilla Glue (or superglue)

Graph Paper
Scrollsaw (best for the precision but you could use a bandsaw or jigsaw)
Drill Press (or hand drill)
Assorted Drill Bits
Dremel with Sanding Attachment
Heat Gun
White Glue

You don't need all of the tools I have listed. You could get by with a dremel, drill/drillbits, and a heatgun.

Step 2: Choose Your Design

To get some great ideas for iron sights I recomend taking pictures of any gun in MW2. Then you can redesign it to suit your needs.  Take two, one of the gun at the hip, and another when your aiming down the sights. For this demo I'm going to do the iron sights on the chaingun/grenade launcher from Crysis: Warhead. Keep in mind the range of the gun because of the way the sights allow you to aim. For example the AA12 (Auto Assault 12 gauge shotgun) is a close range weapon. The sights are very large in the center and that needs to be smaller for longer range. That is why I would recomend a modded flip up sight design that can be used for short and long range.

Step 3: Draw the Design

While using your pictures as reference or designing from scratch, make the front and rear as big as you want it to be on the actual gun on the paper. Make a copy in case you mess up. Once you design the sights, cut it out, leaving a little extra around the edges. Then glue the design onto the material of your choice with white glue. Unfortunately my scanner does not work so I can't upload an actual size photo of the sights I am making if you wanted to use them. But I can tell you the dimensions. See the image notes for dimensions.

Step 4: Begin the Primary Shaping

Cut out the outer shape of the sights, leaving a little extra around the sides. Try to cut out the smallest bits first, because a larger piece of material is easier and puts your fingers in much less danger. Drill any holes with the bit of your choosing if the design you chose needs them. The design I'm using need a shape cut out, not a hole, so I will have a little extra work to do.

Step 5: Begin the Secondary Shaping/Assembly

Clamp the sight pieces in a vice or over the edge of a table. Carefully sand them down until you like the shape. If you have files, refine the shape even more. Smooth down all edges with the dremel except the bottom.Then glue the appropiate pieces together, clamping them tightly together. Let the glue cure for a few hours. If you live somewhere hot like me, put outside to reduce the curing time.

Step 6: Mount the Sights

To mount the sights, you will need the sights you just made, some gorilla glue, and the weapon you will mount the sights on. Choose the spots on which to mount the front and rear sights. Mark them. Glue the front sight where you made the mark. Glue the rear sight where you made the other mark. Try to line it up with the front one. If you want to, paint the sights. Use contrasting colors such as black on the back sight and white on the front to make aiming easier.

Step 7: Optional Step: Making the Sights Really Effective

If you can get or make a laser boresighter for the wepon these sights are on, then place it in the barrel and turn it on. Aim at something ~20 feet away (6.09M for those on the metric system) Now try to heat the bottom of the front sight GENTLY and bend it a little. Now look down the sights and see if they line up with the laser dot yet. Adjust until they do. You may have to adjust the rear sight as well to keep it in line with the front sight. Congratulations! You have just made fully functional custom iron sights for your weapon!

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