Custom Knife Block




Intro: Custom Knife Block

Make a custom knife block. I wanted to accommodate a Chinese cleaver, Chinese chef knife, Japanese chef knife, bread knife, Western chef knife, and paring knife.

Step 1: Wood

I had an old bookshelf made of hardwood that I broke down to use as stock.

Step 2: Cut

Cut planks to an appropriate size. I cut a number of 4"x6" and two 6"x9" pieces.

Step 3: Spacing

Experiment with the knife order and the spacing between handles.

Step 4: Thin Rip

Measure the width of the individual knives and thin rip strips on the table saw.

Step 5: Fit

Place the thin strips between pieces of wood and test the fit of the blades.

Step 6: Glue

Glue everything in place.

Step 7: Corner

Cut the corners of the end pieces off at a desired angle.

Step 8: Sand

Sand all the surfaces flat.

Step 9: Support Column

Cut a support column.

Step 10: Glue

Glue the column to the block.

Step 11: Finish

FInish the outside of the block with Danish Oil. Pour mineral oil through the knife slots to preserve the interior.

Step 12: Fill

Get cookin'.



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    Reply 1 year ago

    That's a good question. I suppose I could affix a few slots to the side with maybe an alternate color of wood to make it look intentional, but I honestly don't plan on buying any new knives. I probably have too many as it is and they should all last into the next century if properly maintained.