Custom Lego Guns and Minifigures

Introduction: Custom Lego Guns and Minifigures

About: I enjoy building Lego structures and gaming. I also have OCD, so everything has to be organized or I will blow up. When it comes down to public content, I only want to provide the best, even if I don't..... ...

This is just a small compilation of stuff I did one night when I was bored. Some of the items pictured from here on are based on the works of a fellow Instructable user named One (actual name look him up) and a company called Arealight Customs (they make amazing custom clone figures check them out as well). 



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    i HATE destroying legos, once you do it, you can never fix it due to the size. BUT: pretty cool! maybe you can make some more without defacing legos.

    cool, but I don't like defacing my legos. For those out there who don't like that either, I can't help you with the cutting, but if you put clear tape over your piece that you're coloring, you can just peel off the tape before using the piece for something else.

    P.S: If you're not using sharpies for coloring, I suggest putting another layer of clear tape on top of where you colored.

    Yeah, I would probilbly use that too. We don't have a lot of tools at our house. Thanks for sharing!

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    Wow that is really good! Really! That is so cool! What do you use to color and cut them?! You are really good at that! Great job! :D :D :D

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    Hey Zachary. First of all, thanks for the awesome feedback! It really makes me love what I do. Now, your question. I use a Sharpie or two to colour them and a nail file to cut them. However, other people use pliers, but I used a nail file because it was easier to find in my house. I would not recommend it, however. You will end up with really sore thumbs! =)