Custom Longboard Grip Tape Design !

This video shows you how to make a custom grip tape design for your longboard or skateboard. Any questions feel free to message me!



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    A few other tips that could help in the proccess are these. 1: If you have regular griptape an easier way to take it off besided JUST peeling would be to get a heat gun or hot blowdrier and heat the tape up, The adhesive will release and will and make for an easy peel 2: When applying the griptape you could also get a stiff object like a yard stick or your skate tools metal edge and pres the edges of the grip tape to ensure that the edges stick properly 3: Also Gruffy mentioned if you can buy some spray grip tape online to ensure all around covorage for in between your tape design.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    nice looking tape i like plan b boards what do you think.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    very very cool. Here's an idea that occurred to me while watching: you could stencil your grip tape first, then sand only where you need to sand. This would leave the middle of the board grippy in case you wanted to do some cross stepping or whatever.