Custom Made ~ 18 Karat Yellow Gold and Diamond Brooch

Introduction: Custom Made ~ 18 Karat Yellow Gold and Diamond Brooch

A brief look at how Goldworks, creates beautiful, custom made jewelry. It all begins with an idea!  We consider the metal to be used, gemstones and overall dimensions.  In this case, we used 18 karat yellow gold and diamonds.

Once a concept has been created, we either carve the piece by hand out of a block of carving wax, or we use a 3D software program to design the piece. If it is a 3D model, we then use a milling machine to precisely cut the design in wax.

After the wax model has been milled, we attach it to a wax rod or tree. After all wax work has been performed, we place a cylindrical steel flask over the model and fill the flask with investment, which is similar to plaster of paris. Once the investment hardens and cures for a few hours, we place the flask in the oven and the burnout procedure begins. As the temperature in the oven rises, the wax melts out and leaves a cavity in the exact shape of all of the wax, tree and all.

When all of the wax has been melted out of the flask, its time to cast. The hot flask sits in a cradle, in a centrifugal casting machine, which also houses a crucible that will hold the gold while we melt it with a torch. Once the gold is molten, we utilize the spring tension in the casting machine to sling the molten metal into the cavity, thus completing the casting phase.

We now have a piece that is exactly the same as the wax was, but now its solid gold. We remove the new metal model from the tree that was used as a gate to sling the gold into the cavity and the finishing begins.

Each piece has to be hand finished to perfection. We use many various techniques to finish each piece, but the main tools are files, sandpaper, and various polishing compounds. Once the jewelry is finished to perfection, we hand set the gemstones and give it one last final polish with jewelers rouge.

Goldworks takes pride in our craftsmanship and strive to create unique pieces that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is beautiful. You have now given me incentive to share what we make with colored diamonds.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I had no idea how the process worked before now. I always wondered how things so tiny and ornate were cast. :)