Custom Miter Box

Introduction: Custom Miter Box

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For large projects a miter box or miter saw is good enough, but for small projects, you may want to make your own custom miter box. This instructable shows how to make such a miter box and is intended to be used for one-off projects. The miter box pictured was used to cut 1/4" wide brass strips with a hack saw. For this, you will need:

  • Base: A piece of wood as a foundation for the miter box.
  • Guides: Two long pieces of wood as sides for the miter box.
  • Glue: Wood glue.
  • Saw: Hacksaw blade.
  • Alignment: Miscellaneous square pieces of wood for alignment.

You may want to plane the pieces before you glue for better accuracy.

Step 1: Alignment & Gluing

In this step, glue the other sides of the miter box to the foundation. Use other pieces of wood to align:

  • Glue one side, align to edge of the box's foundation.
  • Wipe excess glue.
  • Place work piece (what you'll cut) into the miter box.
  • Glue down the other side of the miter box, with work piece in the middle.
  • Remove work piece.
  • Wipe excess glue.

Step 2: Saw & Use

Use additional pieces of wood to align a saw blade to the miter box and make a groove for the blade.

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