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About: My name is Jeff and I've been a Maker all my life. I will be posting Instructables of my projects covering woodworking, woodcarving, electronics, 3D Scanning & Printing and 3D Modelling. Since 2001, I have...

Hi, my name is Jeff and I am a lifetime maker. I got tired of my plain old plastic sleeve name tag I wore while volunteering so I decided to create a fresh and new name tag holder.

This project uses TinkerCad, 3D Printer and Craft Paint.

The Steps I followed are:

1. Brain Storm Ideas

2. Take Measurements & Design

3. 3D Model in TinkerCad

4. 3D Print on Maker Bot

5. Paint with Acrylic Craft Paints

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas

I volunteer in the Maker Space at my local library so I wanted my name tag case to have a maker theme. So I wanted to include things like gears, hammers and wrenches.

You can customize your name tag to suit your needs. A chemist's name tag could have test tubes, beakers and bunsen burners. An artist's name tag could have paints, brushes and camera. The possibilities are endless. Be Creative!

Step 2: Take Measurements and Design

Using a ruler I took the dimensions of my name tag. Customize your project to fit your particular name tag.

In my Log Book I sketched out my design with the theme items placed where I felt looked good.

Step 3: 3D Model in TinkerCad

I use TinkerCad for all my 3D Print Designs. It is a free online software that is easy to learn.

At the end of my instructable I have my Maker video that shows the process. I am not including details of using TinkerCad as their site has great tutorials to learn the basic.

Using the included geometric shapes you can create the case and theme items easily. The maker them items are offset so actually hold the name tag in place.

If anyone is interested I can create an Instructable on how I use TinkerCad. I teach kids from 5 years old up to retirees, on the basis of TinkerCad as part of my volunteering. It is very easy to pick up.

Step 4: 3D Print

Our local library has a 3D printer that is free to use and available to the community.

Slice and download your print file to the printer. A print this size will typically print under an hour. I printed with supports and raft with the standard resolution. This printer uses PLA filament.

After the print is finished break away the raft and supports. I use a hobby knife, file, dental pick and stiff brush to clean up my prints.

Step 5: Paint & Assemble

I use acrylic craft paint for my 3D printed projects. It works great on PLA plastic.

I add some white dry brushing to highlight the maker theme objects.

Slide the name tag into the new 3D printed case. The maker theme items holds in the name tag.

Step 6:

A video of this project is attached.

Please follow and subscribe to see all my projects.

Love to hear your feedback on my projects.





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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks tomatoskins. In the future I would like to design another name tag case to hang on a lanyard, but this time using electronics. A circuit board name tag with flashing LEDs, scrolling lcd text and animations.