Custom Nintendo DS Lite Skin




Introduction: Custom Nintendo DS Lite Skin

This i'ble will teach you how to make a cool looking skin for your white nintendo ds lite.

Step 1: Supplies

Cost- Low, if you have everything already
Difficulty- relatively easy

1. a White nintendo DS- $140-200
2. scotch packing tape, regular tape, or magic tape- $1-7
3. markers- $1-10
4. scissors- $5

Step 2: Cut the Skin

Before we begin I want to say that I do not want to be held responsible for any damage or anything else that happens during this Instructable.

OK! To put the skin on you must cut the tape to match the places you are putting the skin. Whether it be the inside, outside, back or everywhere. Then lay it on a clean surface whereit will be easy to pull off without ripping or damaging the tape.

Step 3: Coloring the Skin

I highly recommend that you color the skin when it is on the clean surface to avoid getting marker on your DS. But the choice is yours. Color it however you like, and send me picks of the finished product. I would love to see them!

Step 4: Put the Skin On

Just put the colored skin onto your DS and walla! The DS skin is finished!

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yea i got my back done heres a pic.But i a have a sugestion why not those big white stickers that you use ups shiping thats what i used on mine it came out great!

Picture 007.jpgPicture 010.jpg
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I think it would have looked better if you had used stencils; it's kind of obvious you freehanded it (which isn't a bad thing unless it's obvious). Otherwise, it looks great!

the reason it was so crude was my exacto wasnt very sharp, but i did free hand it,but my lines were straight

thanks it took me a while.had to try like 3 times to get it right.used the ups shipping sticker,cut it out on an old plastic tub (with plenty of light of course) took a blue sharpie to it, put it on there.came out great.if you got any q's reply to this comment. and thankyou again.

youi dint evan tell how to do it

If i'm right almost all of these pics are googled>.> The main image is a sticker you can buy in stores. Just a tip, put more effort into it by doing this yourself. Not by copy and pasting other peoples work. 3*

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so...? make a different colored skin to fit your ds, its supposes to be something you like, it doesnt have to be just like his, look at mine (at the top)

you could make a skin with like black tribal designs on the front and red tribal designs on the in side,or wat ever type you want if had your ds i would do the tribals

Alright, here's mine. Full of air bubbles, and done on a fat/phat DS. I first applied a layer of five pieces of tape (as few as possible), drew on that layer with black Sharpie, taped over that, drew on THAT layer with yellow Sharpie, taped THAT over, and used a bit of extra tape on the front edge to finish the stripe. An X-Acto blade carefully guided through the tiny groove/gap/slot/etc. of the top and bottom shells of the top screen allowed me to not-overuse-the-tape.

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Looks awesome, I might try it. One request, though: can you add a note about stenciling as opposed to freehand drawing? It could help people make their lines sharper.