Custom Painted Toy Car

I found this boring car and decided to jazz it up.

Step 1: Ingredients

• car
•masking tape

Step 2: Tape

ok this is the hard part. Put the tape ove the windows, wheels and head lights. Then carefuly cut around these covered parts so there is only tape where you want it. (See pictures)

Step 3: First Coat

Spray on the first color (mine was blue) and dont forget the sides.

Step 4: 2nd Coat

If you only want one color then ignore this step. I tried to do orange in the sides with a drop effect on the roof. This drop effect is very easy to get. You just have to hold the spray can about 5 inches away from the car and push down very gently on the nozzle.

Step 5: Remove Tape

Next just peel off the tape and you are done!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 6: Expeirimentation

This is another car I made with this method



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    There's a great 'ible about shooting studio-style that would jazz up your images a bit...check this out: