Custom Pi Case

First go to Then click start you custom design now. Then click start from scratch.

Step 1: Devices

Next click which type of device brand out have. It will work for Apple, Samsung, blackberry, Sony, and lg.

Step 2: More Choosing

Next you will click which model of that phone or iPad you have. Then tou can pick whether you want slim or extra protective bumper. THen choose whether you want glossy or matte. Then tlu chose the layout. For this you are going to choose the one with 8 squares.

Step 3: Design

Now you are going to click one each number square and choose a color for the background.

Step 4: More Design

Once you are done with that, you will click next step. Then click add text. Now you will type in as many digits of Pi as you can fit. Then click next step an. You can add decorations to your case. If our don't want to then click Next step. Then you can add to your cart and buy it.



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    2 years ago

    Thanks. If you like these kinds of things, check out KIY With Katya