Custom Pickholder Box

Introduction: Custom Pickholder Box

As a guitarist i struggle with the continuous losing of my guitar picks! That's why i decided to create a nice pickholder so i can find them back easily!

Let's start!

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Step 1: STEP 1: Get the Parts Together

This is where we will use a laser cutter to cut plywood for your Pickholder. (You can find my design on this page). I graffed my name in it too as a little decoration!

What you need:

- plywood

- plexiglass

- acryl

- hinge (I 3D printed mine)

- battery (you can get it here)

- An LED

- A resistor (150 Ohm) (I decided not to use it, but you should do it.)

- Saw or Lasercutter

- glue


So for this step we're gonna glue the bottom to 3 of the sides as preparation for the next step!

We will need:

- Design Pickholder Side

- wood glue (Or a glue gun which would be easier!)

So first off, you have to glue the backside first, do this by glueing the bottom edge (in length) and sticking it to the bottom design. Then you will add the left and right side by glueing their bottom edge and the two sides of the bottom part you just glued on!

Step 3: STEP 3.0 | Putting Together the Inner Base

For this step we will need the "Pickholder inside", "Pickholder inside" and "Battery". Lasercut "Pickholder inside" out of plywood, and the "Pickholder inside" of plexiglass. also cut "Battery" out of plexiglass.

Glue the plywood diagonal parts to the inner sides of the inside of the pickholder as you can see in the pictures. When you did this glue the plexiglass batteryholder to the bottom and put the battery in it's place. I decided to also glue the end of the wires of the battery as you can see in the pictures.

When you put this all together you can put your LED in. (I shortened the LED legs so they would fit nicely)

Now we are gonna make a little adjustment to the closing part of the inner site base. I have sawed a little triangle in the plywood so the LED will fit through it! Once this happened you can glue it to the other sides!

Step 4: STEP 4: Putting the Top Part Together!

Take the 3d printed hinge and glue one part to the big guitar formed wooden form and the other part to the little squared door. once you did this just shove the hinge in eachother and you finished the top part!

Step 5: STEP 5: Glue the Last Parts and Put It Together!

We will use the Pickholder design neck side and the pickholder design top for this!

First you want to glue the top part together (It's in the pictures)

then after you did that you will glue your neck to the guitar and shove it together!

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    3 years ago

    Nice! This looks very useful :)