Custom Pocket Notebooks

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Hi Everyone! Thanks for clicking on my Instructable! This is how I make Pocket notebooks.

Step 1: Materials

Here are the Materials needed.

-Paper of your choice. I used graph ruled and got it in large sheets.


-Logo on 8 1/2"x11" sheet of paper. Here I used printer paper, but this can also be done on CardStock to make it more durable.

-Paper cutter. This one is optional, but if used, will make your life easier.


-Deep throat *Giggle* Stapler

-Cutting mat. Again this is optional but will save your ass if you plan on cutting on the dining room table.

-Knife to cut paper.

Step 2: Fold Paper in Half

I hope you remember those valuable paper folding lessons you got in 2nd Grade, because you'll need to fold the paper with the logo in half the "hotdog" way.

Step 3: Square Up Logo to Your Liking

I took 1/4" off the top to even the cover up.

Step 4: Cut the Paper Lengthwise

Cut the paper lengthwise to 5 1/2". The final dimensions of the OPEN notebook will be 5 1/2"x7".

Step 5: Re-fold the Paper on the Crease

Re-fold the paper on the crease and measure 3 1/2" from the crease. Cut on the line.

Step 6: On to the Pages...

Take the graph paper and measure 7" down. Then measure out 5 1/2" pages out of the 7" section. For my notebooks I wanted 12 pages, so I cut 2 sheets, giving me 6 pages a sheet when folded.

Step 7: Assembly

Fold the pages in half (at 3 1/2") using a straight-edge and match them up with the cover. Staple from the outside, so that the folded end of the staples aren't exposed. You are now finished!



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