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Introduction: Custom Rims

These are 1:10 scale rims where I can exchange the inner design out with my 3D printed designs for my Traxxas truck. Not to worry the aluminum hubs were just for aesthetics. This build is for advanced 3D modelers and or Machinist. This concept I created was inspired from the two piece wheels that 1:1 scale cars are implementing on their luxury wheels today. If you want more details you can message me for the plans and tips.

Step 1: Concept Dawing

I used AutoCad Inventor 2015 to Create the 3D model, then exported the file to sketch up for further editing.

Step 2: Cutting to Managable Size

The wheels were cut from aluminum tubing rather than round stock to save time and cut cost, although the cost was still pretty expensive.

3-1/2" OD {A} x 2.500" ID {B} x .500" Wall {C} 6061-T6 Aluminum Tube (Tubing)-12" $33.26 w/ shipping

Step 3: Boring Bar

Next was to Bore the inner hubs flange, and test fit the 3D printed prototype.

Step 4: Mandrel Build

This step was tedious but an important part of the build. In order to get the specific tolerances needed out of the aluminum intense care was need. This Mandrel was fashioned to hold the Hub while the outer dimensions where cut.

Step 5: Balancing

After I fashioned my mandrel the wheel had to be balanced, using a height gauge and a three jaw chuck.`

Step 6: Drill and Tapping

This step was long but well worth it in the end, I drilled twelve holes equally separated around the rims flange for the print to mount to.

Step 7: Rim Photos

If you are into R/C cars and enjoyed the build, or would like to see more hit the like button. You can view more concept art images at the link provided below.

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