Custom Republic Boat

This boat was really fun to make. It took about an hour to make. In order to build this Republic Boat, follow the pictures from step to step. The pieces that are needed will be in the picture. Each sequential photo will show the new pieces and placement of the last bricks. Hope you like it!

Step 1: Adding the Driver's Cockpit

The first thing I did was make the cockpit for the driver. I put in the controls and the inner layer of armor in this step.

Step 2: Adding the Missiles and Part of the Back

In this step you will add the back platform and the missiles. You'll add part of the side armor in the back and the two missile launchers in the front.

Step 3: Adding Front Armor

In this phase you're adding the armor for the front of the boat. Also, the glass for the cockpit is included.

Step 4: Building the Back Cockpit

This step is only focused on the back, building the back cockpit.

Step 5: Building the Mortar and Finishing

Lastly, the mortar and its area is constructed. In the second to last photo the gun design isn't explained clearly, but you can create one of your own.

Step 6: Thank You!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to see my creation or even maybe making it. Please vote when you can!



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