Custom Resin Pillbox

Intro: Custom Resin Pillbox

In this tutorial, I wanted to show you how to make your own custom resin pillbox. The cost of "fashion" pillboxes, at your local pharmacy or online, can sometimes be pricey. Making your own pillbox is an easy and fairly inexpensive process plus you get the design you absolutely want. Blank pillboxes are found online and pillboxes, like the one shown in this video, are found at local pharmacies. All other materials in this video are easily found at your local craft store. Get creative! Thanks for watching this video tutorial and happy crafting!!!

* 1:1 ration Epoxy Resin
* Mixing cups and stir stick for resin
* BBQ lighter for resin
* White acrylic paint
* Paint brush
* Elmer's clear glue
* Glitter
* Stickers
* Nail art confetti glitter
* Round metal pillbox
* Paper towels

Step 1: Watch the Full Video Tutorial

Title: Sunny royalty free music

Thanks for watching and happy crafting!!!



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