Custom Ribbon Organizer for Closet Craft Room

Introduction: Custom Ribbon Organizer for Closet Craft Room

A while back I built a ribbon organizer for my wifes craft area.  While not original in design, hers was made to accomodate large rolls (approx. 6" diameter sixe).  Most you see on line are made for the small 3" rolls.  It worked great for her at the time and I even sold a few copies.   Time and needs change things so it wouldn't work for her anymore like it was.  We modified the design to fit in a space of her "Man Cave" closet craftroom.  

Materials/ Tools:

I have lots of scrap so I made this from some scrap 3/4" birch plywood.

(5)  1/2"dowels

wood glue

finish nails

sand paper

spackling for any chipped wood. 

Paint or stain to match the area it is installed.

Nail gun, Screw gun or hammer and nails for install  (whatever works for you)

The overall width of each side is 7.5".  The center section where the rods go is 2.5" wide,  The length top to bottom in 32".

I cut two 2.5" strips 32" long and clamped them side by side.  I used a ribbon roll to guess the approx placing of each roll and allow room for it to be removed without difficulty.  I settled on the first rod hole starting at approximately 3.5" down from the top.  Each one after was approx. 7.5" below the next.  I used an angle to draw a line across both boards at the same spot.  I then drilled a hole at each spot.  I used a 1/" rod in my design so the hole needs to be slightly larger.  I felt the half inch rod could fit through most of her different size rolls but still be strong enough when loaded up not to sag.  On the right side board I drew 45 degree lines on each side of the hole.  I then used a jigsaw to cut out each notch.  Spackle any booboos and sand each piece as you finish the steps.

I took each 2.5" strip and glued and nailed it down the center of a wider 7.5" strip of wood.  The main reason for the spacer is installation ease as well as easier to load and unload the rods when full of rolls.

The space we chose to install was a section of my wifes closet.  It is approximately 25" wide.  We removed the clothes rod from that section.   This will work in any space where there are two walls such as inside a cabinet with the shelf removed or above a desk area etc.

With my wifes help, I held up the right side section all the way to the top and to the back edge.  The 7.5" board keeps the spacing even.  She got to use my new favorite tool, a cordless DeWalt trim nailer, and shot about 6 or 7 nails in the panel to keep it secure.  We did not use glue in case she ever decides to use the space again for something else.  We repeated the step on the left side.

Her closet panels are black so a quick coat of water based black dried fast.  We then measured the rods width and cut 5 rods to fit just a little less than snug.    

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