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Introduction: Custom Router Base Plate

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A few years ago, I bought a cheap router and whilst being an "economy" brand, its actually served very well.

The one real downside that I found is that you can only use standard bits, with the supplied base plate and a subsequent "fits all" collar system, just doesn't fit.....

Some patience on the laser cutter ... problem solved and now have a far more versatile tool.

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Step 1: Making a Template

The first step was to sketch up a template for my base plate, taking measurements from the supplied plate and putting them into the etching software.

When I was almost sure that everything was accurate, I ran the etch onto a sheet of paper, which proved a valuable decision as my first attempt wasn't as accurate as I thought.

A few iterations later and I had a paper cut that I was happy with.

I ran some similar tests to measure and align two holes for the stepped collar adapter.

Step 2: Materials

From previous projects, I had some leftover sheets of plexiglas and perspex ... selected the closest pieces for the steps of the collar (thinking that I could easily add a card spacer to remove any free play)

Step 3: Laser Cut and Fit

With the sheet material cut, I countersunk for the screw heads (and had to pick up slightly longer screws from the local hardware store) and fitted the new plate.

Two of the screw holes needed a little work with a fine file, but all in all, this was a quick and easy project which has extended the usage of my router.

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