Custom ShopBot Speaker Box

In this Instructable I will go over how to make a custom speaker box, focusing on some tips and tricks of file prep and construction.

tools needes:

wood (ply or mdf)
air compressor
nail gun
design program

Step 1: Speakers and File Prep

First things first:

- Figure out what the purpose of your speaker box is. In my case, this is going to be used for an experimental light to sound synthesizer art piece for my friend.

- Measure your speakers
    : Outside diameter
    : Inside diameter for mounting
    : Depth

Most of these choices will choose how big your box will be.

Also remember to make some feet for the bottom to let air escape for acoustics.

Step 2: ShopBot

Next you have to consider your tooling.

So I'm running this on the ShopBot with a 4ft x 8ft cutting bed.

I designed my file in Adobe Illustrator. My file consists of 4 sides, 2 of which have 3/4 inch feet for air flow, a piece that holds the speakers that slides in notches to support itself, and a face plate that also slides in notches to mount the fabric cover, but in this case its going to hold reflective fabric that will be bounced by the sound for the art piece.

Step 3: Notches

When cutting the notches I remind you that  if you cut them perfectly to the dimensions the corners will be rounded due to the bit, so there are two options.

1: You can dog-bone the ends so a piece can slide in perfectly.
2: You can cut the notches past where you need them and when you run the profile it will cut the excess so your finished piece will be perfect. (see picture)

Step 4: Assembling

Once your pieces are cut out everything should just fit right together, so grab a friend and do a glue and nail up.

I used wood glue and 1 1/4in brads.




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    1 year ago

    Nice! I'm planning 2 build a speaker with an unusual shape. That involves a 280 mm diam x 300mm high plexiglass tube.I plan to have all sides of this "cylinder in plexi. 6,5" drive in one end. Do you have some input to this? Thickness in plexi?