Custom Sized Planter Insert

Introduction: Custom Sized Planter Insert

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We found this piece at a yard sale or a second hand store, normally we'd use individual pots in it, but due to its narrow size, arranging the pots was sometimes awkward depending what flowers we chose for it. So I decided to make a custom sized planter that would fit its inside dimensions.

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Step 1: Preparation

I drew up a plan of what the initial layout would have to look like and to figure out what size piece of aluminum I would need. It turned out that I would need a 30" by 16.5" piece.

Step 2: Tools Used and Material

I used tin snips (not Pictured)

Framing square

Tape Measure

some clamps

2 or 3 Sharpies

portable work table

Sheet metal edge folding pliers

A short piece of 2 by 4

1 pipe clamp (bar clamp)

A large piece of scrap aluminum that was from old steam pipe insulation covering

Step 3: Layout and Start Cutting

I laid out the folds and cuts to to be made on the piece of aluminum.

Step 4: Construction

I clamped the aluminum to the table and folded the front and back edges of the planter over on itself. the fold was 1/2" wide and makes for a nice edge on the planter.

The ends were then folded up, then the front and back were folded up.

Step 5: Construction Finishing Up

With all four sides folded up, the end piece has a small flap that folds over the inside end pieces.

Four drain holes were then put in the bottom using a screwdriver and a hammer.

Step 6: Installed !

A couple of pictures of it finished.

A before and after picture of it installed.

My wife loves it.

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