Custom Sized Rubber Bands



About: hgv driver but only because it pays more than I can make otherwise

I need a couple of small rubber/elastic bands for a task and didn't have any, I could have twisted the ones I had lots of times but didn't have the space so I made a couple here is how.


Step 1: Materials

you need:
a longer rubber band
a sharp blade
cyanoacrylate glue (CA)

Step 2: Cut Size and Cut

cut your band open.
establish how big your new band needs to be.
cut to length. get your cuts as square as possible.

Step 3: Bond Ends

note the photo is for illustration only I used both hands for real.
Apply a small drop of CA to one end of the rubber.
bring the ends together and hold until set.
The properties of CA that make this possible are it's fast set & it is very strong in tension. I've even used this method for making drive bands for small motors.
It also bonds skin use a very small drop and avoid over spill. wearing rubber gloves or using tweezers is probably advisable.

Step 4: Use

As you can see I wasn't too careful with the measurement and still ended up doubling over. I should have cut under size. This does however show the joint takes the band being stretched



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