Custom Skateboard/Nickle Board

make your own custom cruisor or skateboard bare with me its my first instructable and I'm 17

Step 1: Items Needed

skateboard tool
wood burner

Step 2: Prepare Board

ok so first step is to sand the bottom of the board until you get to bare wood after that draw your board design on your board

Step 3: Start Cutting

using your hack saw (would reccomend keyhole saw) begin to cut out around your traced design

Step 4: Finish Cutting Then Use Design for the Actual Skateboard Bottom

lay out design on board and tape down after you have added either graphite or transfer paper to the back then trace over the design

Step 5: Once Traced Begin Burning Design Into Wood

using wood burner carefully burn design into wood this is the longest part of the whole process

Step 6: Apply Sparurathane or Any Other Marien Grade Wood Sealer

apply as many coats as specified on can I put 7 layers on mine

Step 7: Put It All Together

assemble all the pieces together and enjoy. altogether it took me a total of a month and a half to make mine



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    2 Discussions

    Chad Fournier

    2 years ago

    thanks I'm going to be adding more pictures soon I made the board for my girlfriend for her birthday present she loved it I can't wait to see the creative stuff other people can come up with

    1 reply
    seamsterChad Fournier

    Reply 2 years ago

    I thought I had left a comment here, but it's missing! : |

    This is a great looking mod to the board. Very nice lines, and a thoughtful gift for your lady. Well done!