Custom Spinning Ball Bearing's

Introduction: Custom Spinning Ball Bearing's

This instructable will show you how to create amazing spinning ball bearing which are great fun

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Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:
A hot glue gun
Some ball bearings (well 2)

Step 2: Starting Off

Just put a little bit of glue on one of the bearings

Step 3: "Push,Push"

Then get the other bearing and stick it onto the other one (push hard for best results)

Step 4: Knife's

Trim the edges with a knife/pen knife just to make it look good 
(Be careful when using the knife)

Step 5: Spin City

Them just spin the thing ..... it will go for ages ......... for best results spin it on a mirrored surface, it is amazing  :D

Step 6:

You can the customise it if you want with an engraving pen just as an additional tip, to make it just a little personalised ;D favourite and Follow :D plus check out my other instrucatbles they are also very cool XD

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