Custom Teck Deck Mini Cruiser

Tired of having to pop up your teckdeck to turn because your trucks can't turn good enough? Or because you're bored? Either way this instructable's for you. This how to guide seems simple but it'll save you hours of experimenting. So have fun!

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Step 1: What Parts You Need

Everything in here is from a penny board except for the board.(P.S you can use any board, but I suggest that it's aerodynamic)

Step 2: Putting Together the Trucks

Complete what the images show you in order to get the best results. Do it twice to complete the second truck

Step 3: Screwing It on

This part is really easy but still, follow the pics

Step 4: Finished!

Thanks for looking at this instructable . Please follow me to stay tuned for more awesome instructables. Also please like this.

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