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Hey, for all you people who have a bit too much too much spare time on you're hands, or who work in an office all day, this will help lighten up you're day.

Heres how to spruce up your windows XP Operating System to impress your friends or just make it look cool for you're own pleasure.

WARNING: I haven't tested this mod on vista, so don't blame me for wasting you're time or stuffing up you're crappy OS.


hey i just got a new kick-ass computer, with, **sigh** unfortunatly windows vista home prem, and there ARE some REALLY ANNOYING problems with it, and most of these mods don't work cause it's a totally new OS

Step 1: Getting the Mods

OK, So as usual, w I'm too lazy to make my own mod, so lets get the equipment to do it- thanks to Chronosoft and Desktp X

Anyway, the three main programs you'll need are XP visuel tools (simple but effective visual tools, you wont really need to use these),

Download Link

You may need to register visual or desktop X tools online

Desktop X (I know there are a lot of similar programs but this one has lots of themes and stuff supported),

Download Link

Support site for extra themes and widgets

and Login Studio (for custom logon UI's)

Download Link

Another good website fot themes (trust me although it sounds and looks suspiciously like a porn site ITS NOT)

Step 2: Using the New Programs

OK, so once you've done that you need to install the programs. If you're not a n00b you should have no problem doing this.
If you are, most of the download websites or the zip folders, that the installers are in have readme's, so read them.

However, you might have some problems installing the programs without admin privileges. So, go to my profile and open up my computer hacking for n00bs Instructable.

First, open up XP Visual tools and select what I select (in pics)

You can set the transparency to your own personal liking

Then, open up Logon Studio

Depending on you're screen resolution, the UI's can give you grief. In this case, you have three options.

ONE, you can change you;re screen resolution. If you have a big monitor (like me) I don't recommend this.

TWO, you can just download another UI

THREE, if you are really desperate, you can attempt to edit the UI.

Finally, open up desktop X and click load desktop. Find one you like and open it. After a little while the program should change you're desktop around completely. BE prepared to be tripped out...

To add effect to you're desktop, you can add widgets and objects, too.

Step 3: Extra Notes

Now, remember that You are customising You're computer, so keep you're ideas origonal. You by no means have to do what I did. For example, you may not even want transparency, so you could save yourself downloading XP Visual Tools.

A couple of extra notes here people, REMEMBER:

- If you add too many widgets, you're computer may lag, so dont overdo it

- If you overdo it anyway, you're friends will think you're a n00b

- Self-restraint is a virtue

-If you happend to be playing the last level of Halo, in the first shortcut tunnel off tho the side there is a grunt that talkes about how good the food nipple back at the starship is because he has worked up a grunty thirst.

- in the online computer world, randomness is also a virtue

- I wouldnt suggest doing this mod at school or work 'cause you may get in trouble

- If you have any queries or suggestions, just laeve a comment or message. I'l get back to you as soon as i can.

Untill next time, from you're freiendly neighbourhood neard dood, Bye!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Im not hating on the instructible, it was great! however, all of the programs listed, iv had bad experience with, no virus's, but lots of spam, unknow programs being installed, when trying to uninstall finding new programs on the registry after... please beware when using these!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Vista is horrible. windows 7 is awesome. One problem. Windows is becoming more of a copy of Macintosh

    "It can only run microsoft type programs". You do realize that about 80% (guess) of the software market is geared towards windows, right?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    i still like windows XP, because I don't have to buy completely new games for my computer. or download some virus infested program to play those games.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    vista can play windows xp games fine, it has a specific setting fro XP games.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yea: The only main problem with XP is that its too perfect. Businesses do not want to upgrade and purchase Microsoft's new Os's because they still have bugs. Windows 7 is awesome, and that's what I have running on my PC now, and it has very few bugs, and is at least 2 times faster than vista running on the same system.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    vista is the worst OS imaginable.  i would downgrade to windows 3.1 before i used vista.