Custom Wood Change/Wallet Tray

Hi all! Im starting a new series where I have friends/family craft some projects that you would typically see me do. I wanted to show how easy most of these projects are, even for those that have limited or no crafting experience. :) In this video, we see my bestfriend, Amanda, make a change tray/caddy for her dad's birthday. Her choice of picture was of her son and niece. Awww. :)

We printed the image on transparency film specific to inkjet printers. The inks did not bleed or get staining from the resin but print marks are visible. Im still an advocate of laser printing but if you only have access to an inket printer, it will work. :)

We used about 2oz of resin (1oz each of resin and hardener) for the bottom of the tray. The trays were purchased in a set of a dozen through and may require a light sanding prior to your project (some of my trays need sanding and some are perfectly smooth).Thanks to Amanda for being in this video/crafting with me and I will leave links below to some of the items used.

Thanks for watching and craft happily ever after!!!



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Thanks for watching!!!


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    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    This is such a cute idea! Makes for such a great personalized gift :)