Custom Wrench for a Oil Filter





Introduction: Custom Wrench for a Oil Filter

Make a custom wrench to fit small oil filters.

Step 1: Custom Oil Filter Wrench

I could not find a oil filter wrench that would fit my mowers oil filter. I decided to make an adapter for my oil wrench. I had just replaced the mower deck belt so I decided to use the old belt. I measured around the oil filter and cut the belt to the measurement. I wrapped the cut belt around the filter and placed the oil wrench over the belt. This was a perfect fit. I easily removed the oil filter.



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    3 years ago

    PhilB, nice oil filter wrench.

    Here is a variation I made. I expected it to show in the Related Instructables, but it did not. I later welded the end cap to the pipe. It worked well enough without that, and pinning it with a rod in a drilled hole would have worked, too.