Custom Xbox 360 Faceplate Tutorial

Introduction: Custom Xbox 360 Faceplate Tutorial

in this tutorial i will show how to make a awesome custom faceplate for your xbox 360.these faceplates are pretty easy to make and as long as you take your time you should pull it off perfect.


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Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

here is what you have to get to pull this mod off.
.gloss mod podge
. scissors 
.a printer anyone will do
.exacto knife
.sponge brush
.glue gun
.painters tape 
.Clear Lacquer
.bowl of water
.a towl 
.paper plate
.blank cd labels

Step 2: Prepping the Faceplate

First thing we need to do is prep the faceplate.First we want to remove the doors from the we want to remove the power take a piece of painters tape and stick it over the inferred sensor and the sync button.and now we are ready to get can search google for a step by step how to disassemble the faceplate.

Step 3: Printing Images

Next step is to think of a theme for the faceplate.once you came up with your idea goto google and search for at least 20 random images.For this tutorial we will use michael jackson's thriller to go with the case im making.Once you downloaded your image use any photo editing program to make a collage.make the images different sizes.Once done print them out and cut out each we are ready for the next step.

Step 4: Applying the Images

Now this step is the most important step.fill a bowl up with water and keep it close.Also keep a towel will need the water to clean your hands and the towel to dry them.Next take the mod podge and poor a little onto a paper you can use the sponge or your fingers (i use my fingers works best for me) and spread some mod podge on back of one of the images.Then place it on the faceplate put a little more on your figer or brush and wipe it across the front of the image,make sure there are no air bubbles.
repeat this step until the hole faceplate is covered.if you are using your fingers instead of the sponge brush make sure you clean the dry modge podge off your hand from time to time so you dont mess up your work.some of the images will hage over the face plate.Fold them over to the back and stick them on we will cut them off later.Once you are happy with it take some more mod podge put it on the brush and put a coat on the hole thing.Let it dry for about 2 hours.keep it elevated i use to lids from spray paint dont want it to stick to anything while drying.the mod podge will dry clear so dont worry.

Step 5: Cleaning Up the Faceplate

Now that our faceplate is dry we want to clean it up.take your finger and rub the spots where the doors and power button are to make a slight indent.then take your exacto knife (use a new blade) and cut out the doors and power your blade along the edges and you will get a perfect rub your finger over the ir sensor and cut it the same for the disc drive.if you did everything correct your face plate should look pretty sick right now.for the extra paper on back run your blade along the side near the that all the way around it until its clean(see pics).

Step 6: Sealing the Faceplate

This step is the most important step.This will make the faceplate look like one piece instead of random pics.It will also protect the images and make the faceplate shine really nice.Take the faceplate while still resting on the spray paint lids and give it two light coats of Clear Lacquer.wait 20 mins after each coat.then give it one heavy coat let it dry overnight and it should look awesome!.you might also want to paint the doors to match your theme this is optional.

Step 7: Custom Power Button

What you wanna do for this step is print a image on a cd label the size of the power button with a solid background.print 4 different small sizes on one label.This way we will have for chances of getting it right.once you found the one that fits best.Lay it on the power button sticky side down rub it on so its sticking.lap the excess label around the sides of the button and cut off the rest.then take the exacto knife and slowly and carefully cut around the rim of the power button.cut just below the top leaving a little bit on the sides (see pics).then rub a little mod podge on and let dry.then place the plastic housing for the button back onto the faceplate.then install the power button use a little hot glue on the four post to seal it on.if done right it should function and look awesome!.

Step 8: Final Step

All thats left to do is to put your doors back on and you should have a perfect custom can also do your hole case like this using the same steps and a little creativity.hope you all enjoyed the tutorial and please subscribe to my youtube page for more mods and tutorials subscribing helps me fund these projects thanks a lot guys enjoy.

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