Custom Xperia Z1 Back Glass With Wood!

Introduction: Custom Xperia Z1 Back Glass With Wood!

Can't hug a tree?
Here's the next best thing: hug your Sony with a snazzy real wood replacement back panel!

After accidentally dropped my Sony, the rear glass has been shattered!

So I thought I'd give it a touch of elegance, making it a rear window made entirely of wood!

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Step 1: Remove Glass

For one thing, being very careful, remove the original glass

Once that is done, clean your phone from any residual glass / glue

Now, you have to take the measures (internal) of your case back. after having taken the height, width and size of the holes for the camera and flash, shows the entire design on your piece of wood

Step 2: Last Steps

We model the wood!

Once you cut the whole thing (using a hacksaw to wood), we just have to refine it all with hand driven bench grinder, thus smoothing out the sides and making the cover slightly curved.

Installing NFC and slide

Now we just have to dig a little wood in order to submit the NFC chip and the glass cover for the rear camera of your smartphone!

Stick on!

Now we just have to paste the cover created by us on our smartphones!
(I recommend using a very strong glue gel, in order to be able to remove without damaging the phone!)

Apply the glue to the sides and spread it as much as possible, then grab and place a weight on top of it, wait 30 minutes and you'll have a phone from envy!

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