Custom Your Motorcycle Tail Light!

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Hello everyone! ON this Instructable, I'll share how to custom your own tail light for cheap from bulb to LED

If you lazy to reading right now, you can watch the video that I already make it

Ok, enough intro, just get into the steps!

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Step 1: Schematic and What Will U Need

First things here is the Schematic, and here is what will u need :

  1. 1x 12v Flexible DRL LED Light (Find the shortest one)
  2. 2x 1N4007 Diode or any Diode
  3. 1x 270 Ohm Resistor (At least 2W)
  4. 1x Bulb fitting, if your bike still using bulb, you can get it for free from old bulb
  5. 1x small cut of paper to prevent component legs from touching the ground terminal

Step 2: Solder Everything Up!

On this case, I'm using 5W resistor, cause I don't have 2W.. this is overkill but at least don't make too much heat

Make sure you didn't flip the pins on the fitting

You can shape the DRL to whatever you want, and use hot glue to make the DRL stay in place

Step 3: Final

And here how it is looks like

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