Custom Zippo With Resin and Stickers


Introduction: Custom Zippo With Resin and Stickers

Hi all! I wanted to make a custom Zippo lighter with resin and star stickers for myself (Im ALWAYS customizing things). I thought I would turn the process into a tutorial video. It's a fun, easy, and an inexpensive craft/gift project. While I used stickers, you can also use acrylic paints, rhinestones, etc. Be creative! The sky is the limit!

For the tutorial, I assume you have a basic understanding of resin crafting. If not, please refer to my full resin tutorial video on my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching and happy crafting!

Step 1: Materials Used

* Zippo lighter (purchased online)
* Holo star stickers (purchased at my local craft store)
* 1:1 Epoxy Resin - I used East Coast Resin brand.
* Stir stick and mixing cups (purchased online)
* BBQ lighter (purchased at local retail store)



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    Thank you. :) I like to work with the resin while it is still pretty fluid but some other resin crafters like to "dome" their pieces after the resin has cured a little bit so it's less fluid/likely to overspill the edges. :)

    I'm impressed with how well you got the resin to sit so well on a flat surface :D