Custom Centre Caps

Introduction: Custom Centre Caps

Tatty centre caps removed, cleaned and custom painted.

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Step 1: Remove Centre Caps.

A right faf. The centre caps on the Grey Beast are hdpe I believe and took some persistant persuasion to remove them.

I tried several futile methods including the following; a soft plastic sucker for attatching a sun blind on the window next to where the child sits, gaffa tape and just my flimsy fingers. These methods may work for yourselves because of the varying types of centre cap. I would recommend these first because my successful method may damage your caps or wheels. Or fingers.

Using a 2mm flat head presision screwdriver I simultaniously gradually gripped and pushed the cap towards its own centre and up out of the wheel. Some flakes of paint did come away but they've been curbed and such, and are as old as the car.

After squeezing out all four, I removed the tatty bits of original paint with a bit of light sanding while considering the colour scheme. Deciding on traditional red Mitsubishi three diamonds and a black background.

Using paints left over from some adolesent model making, I gave them two coats of black and three of red.

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