Customisable Lego Robot




Introduction: Customisable Lego Robot

This a custom robot that I made, it has customisable arms, legs, head, chest plate and leg joint.

Step 1: The Head

For the head you will need:
2x2 brick
2x 2x2 plates
2x2 tile

Step 2: The Arms

The arm is pretty basic and doesn't have many pieces
4 cheese slopes
1x2 plate
1x2 clip
1x2 connecter/joint
Make 2 of these

Step 3: The Legs

For the legs you will need:
3x 1x2 plates
1x1 stud
2x 1x1 tiles
1x1 cheese slope
2x 1x2 headlight brick
Make 2 of these

Step 4: The Chest Plate

For the chest plate you will need:
1x1 tile
2x 1x1 jumper plate
1x2 plate
1x3 tile

Step 5: The Body

For the body you will need:
3x 2x2 radar dish
2x 1x2 grills
1x1 cylinder
4x 1x1 bricks with studs on one side
2x3 plate
1x2 plate
1x2 radar dish

Step 6: The Jet Pack

For this you will need
1x1 brick with handle
1x1 with clip on top
2x 1x2 jumper plates
2x 1x1 studs

Step 7: The Leg Joint

For this you will need:
2x 1x1 plate
1x1 tile
2x 1x2 tile
2x3 plate

Step 8: Putting It Together

The final step is putting it together



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    how can I vote u? does exist any link? I like a lot your instructable work. Really cool and litle

    If u do decide to make this please send me a picture of it! :)

    Remember to hit that vote button...plz

    Wow nice....

    Tell me if there is anything I should change

    Please vote for me on the lego contest