Customisable and Modular Helping Hands

Hi. This is my second Instructable and like the last, only thought of uploading it after the event. Anyway, from various outlets you can buy "Helping Hands" which are an arrangement of crocodile clips on a shaft tied to a cast base. Typically these retail at around £5. Again with some bits I had I made one in about 10 minutes

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Step 1: The Parts

Here's the parts list:-
Spare piece of scrap wood
Earth Terminal Block (or a choc block of a decent amp rating)
2 self tapping screws
10 Amp Crocodile clips
Some 2.5mm wire, taken from Twin and Earth cable used in household ring mains.

Step 2: Customisation

As you can see you can add or remove "arms" and increase or decrease their lengths.
Earth Terminal Blocks come in 8 way (16 screws) as well for even more possibilities.
Cost wise the Terminal​ block cost £1.34, the clips were 10 for £1.70 and the wood, screws and cable I had anyway. So total £3.04 vs £3.99 for the cheapest on Ebay with less clips and less flexibility.



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