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Folk have sent us images of jazzed up toe caps on their Converse so we thought we would give it a go.

We bought these shoes in a charity shop for £1.50 !!!! a quick hack later and they look super cute!

Did you know that sugru:

- bonds to most materials (including rubbers and fabric so you can customise or fix the fabric too !)
- is waterproof so will be fine in the rain and even a washing machine
- is flexible so will bend with your shoes
- can be mixed to to create custom colours

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Step 1: Get Your Sugru

We used two packets of sugru for this hack, 1 mini pack is enough to cover the caps but because we were creating a lovely peach colour, we used 2.

To chose a colour, use the colour guide in the 7 steps booklet included with your sugru. This peach colour was a mix of 50% orange and 50% white.

To mix the colours, just knead the sugru in your fingers until the sugru is fully blended. You might like a marbling effect, if so, stop kneading whenever you like how your sugru looks :)

TOP TIP: While mixing sugru, it will get quite sticky, don't worry, use dry tissue paper to clean the sugru from your fingers.

Step 2: Add to Your Shoe

Once you have the colour mixed, break off about half a mini pack and apply it to the toe of the shoe.

Push the sugru all over the toe cap then gently rub it to get a good surface finish.

Remember, if your fingers get sticky, just give them a quick wipe with dry tissue paper.

Step 3: Smooth and Dry

To get a great smooth and shiny surface finish, gently rub the sugru with your finger.

Leave to cure overnight.

TIP: Use soapy water when rubbing to get a super smooth finish!

Step 4: Customise!

We love the colours on our new converse but maybe you could try stripy, marbled, mixed or even mount things into the sugru, its up to you!

Have fun :)

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