Customizable Cardboard Organization Tray

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Okay guys, today I'm going to show you how to make a fully customizable organization tray that has been up-cycled from cardboard!!! It is very simple and looks really great but just a side note (I'm not giving out the measurements I used unless you really want them) I'm doing this because I want to see what you can come up with. Please post what you make in the comments section or the makes section. This is an entry in the Organization contest and so I would appreciate it a lot if you voted this entry.

Step 1: Materials

Ok so today you will be needing:

1 large sheet of cardboard or a large cardboard box

A ruler


A pencil


Cardboard circle from roll of tape like duck tape for circle

Now let's get cutting!!!

Step 2: Cutting

Ok, this is a fully customizable organization tray so you can do whatever you want for the sizes and shapes of this thing but the pictures explain how the actual process is done so go check out the pictures... There should be at least 4 of the top layer and 3 of the middle layer but only 1 bottom layer.

But just a hint:

Picture #6 shows how many layers I used but I would recommend doing more of all of them except for the uncut piece, I only made that few because of my shortage on cardboard.

Step 3: Glueing Up

So you are going to want to have the uncut piece on the bottom, the two with just the circle glued next, then the three fully cut pieces glued on top. Make sure they are all lined up when you glue them or the tray won't work. Once you have finished this you have finished the tray, Great job!!

Step 4: Finished!!!

Great Job, you have just made a fully customizable organization tray, and since its fully customizable please post a couple of pics on how you made this in the comments. This is an entry in the Organization contest and so I would appreciate it a lot if you voted this entry.

Thanks, Matthias

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    Because I still liquids. Water, coffee, tea. It was just a thought. Upvoted, also. Thanks for sharing your concept, too.


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    Nice idea - if you bevel the edge of the money part it might be easier to get the change out?

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    kk thanks, I will keep that in mind. if you haven't already pls drop in vote vote if u could ;)

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    Thank you, this should be entered in the contest very soon so pls vote (: