Customizable PVC Coin Bank

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So i have this old coin piggy holder or what ever you call it and it doesn't hold as much change as I would like it too. So I took it upon myself to make a bigger and stylish coin bank.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

All you will need is a piece of PVC big enough to hold the amount of change you want and matching end caps. I chose a 3 inch piece 6 inches long.

You will need a few basic tools like a rotary tool (also know as a dremel), file (I used a metal file) and a rasp or rat tail file (I used both though). You could get by with a normal drill but it will require more work.

Here's a list to make it easier

- 6" long PVC pipe
- Matching end caps

- Rotary tool or drill
- File
- Rat tail file/rasp
- Sanding block
- Ruler
- Dry erase maker

Step 2: The Coin Slot

Every basic coin bank has a slot to put coins threw so we'll need to make a inch long by about a quarter inch wide slot in the center of the PVC.

I found the center of the pipe then used the rotary tool with a drill bit to drill several holes then used a carving/grinding bit to smooth it out. Then i used the metal file to make the slot square.

[Picture 2 note]: I know, I'm not using the right drill bit

Step 3: End Caps

Now you're wondering "how is he going to make it not roll around?" You will need to file a flat spot on both end caps so it won't roll around.

The easiest way I found to do this is to tape them together making sure to not cover the area you're going to file, and put it in a vice.

When you are filing them make sure to keep it as level as possible. If you don't it will make the end result be unstable and roll around.

Step 4: Assembly and Customisation

Now it is time to assemble it. Fit the end caps on the PVC and face the coin slot in any direction you desire. I would recommend facing the coin slot higher depending on how many coins you plan to store. Make sure to have the flat spots on the end caps facing the direction of the surface it's on. This will make it wobble less.

To retrieve your coins all you have to do is pull one of the end caps off and you get instant access to coins inside.

This design leaves it up to you to decorate the outside of the PVC. There are plenty other instrucables that go over customizing PVC so I will not go over it.

Step 5: Final Thoughts

If there are any errors or things I didn't explain please let me know in the comments.

Please give me a little slack I made this entirely from my phone.

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    4 years ago

    looks coolmight make this with my son maybe adda cost of paint at the end