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Introduction: Customizable Plant Pot!

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I can think of a million reasons why it is great to keep plants. They bring a great part of the outdoors inside and easily accessible to the kitchen. Especially herbs! I finally bit the bullet and bought a small basil plant a few days ago, but didn't even think to buy a pot for it! I really wanted to make my own colorful, rainbow inspired personalized pot. So I did! It was very easy and took me under an hour to complete, so you have no excuse! You probably even have most of the supplies already!

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Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need the following:

  1. Plant Pot - this should be appropriately sized to what you are trying to plant.
  2. paper or fabric - I used extra origami paper I had lying around. I chose some of my favorite colors!
  3. Scissors
  4. Mod Podge - I used the Matte (yellow bottle) and it works great for basically any mod podge project you want to take on!
  5. paintbrush - you're going to want to use a medium-large paintbrush for this, as there is no precision work involved. This will be for the mod podge
  6. Nail Polish/acrylic paint - this can be any color, but I had a silver nail polish that I never seem to use. It worked great alongside the other colors I chose!

Step 2: Cut Your Paper

First thing's first, go ahead and cut your paper up into strips, and then squares. You can make designs if you are feeling fancy, but there will be enough layers where it may get lost. I did simple rectangles and really liked the way it turned out!

Step 3: Mod Podge!

Now position your pot upside down and use your brush to paint a small, thin patch of mod podge onto the pot. Let it set for a couple seconds (to get tacky), and place one of your paper squares onto the pot. If the edges of your paper aren't staying flush to the surface, paint some mod podge along the edges, or spread it in with your fingers. Don't be afraid to get them dirty, this can be a messy process! Keep painting on small patches and putting your paper onto the pot until it's pretty full.

For the top and bottom of the pot, I placed paper so that it extended past the edge, then folded it over and pressed it into place with the help guessed it! Mod Podge! Honestly this stuff is great. If you think you're putting on too much, you're wrong. It dries clear, so really layer it on there. I probably finished this pot with at least 4 layers on the entire thing.

For the top/inside of the pot, I wanted to make it look a bit cleaner than just having the paper folded over the edge, so I added an extra layer of thinner strips to circle around until it looked satisfactory. I then took out my nail polish (paint would also work in this situation), and put a thin ring between the paper and the pot for a finishing touch. I also coated it with mod podge for good measure.

Step 4: Pot It!

The next step was pretty simple: I planted my basil! It looks great in it's custom pot, and is much happier now! Feel free to comment with photos of your pot, I would love to see how they turn out!

Thanks for reading, now go forth and mod podge!

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