Customize Rubik's Cube With Duct Tape

Introduction: Customize Rubik's Cube With Duct Tape

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Make a Rubiks Cube by adding duct tape. Add duct tape to the sides and it will look really cool!!!!!!!

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
Something sharp(scissors or a knife)
Duct Tape(6 colors)
Rubik's cube (no duh)

Step 2: Adding Duct Tape

Take a strip of Duct tape and add it to the top.
It will still leave a little strip at the bottom but just add a second strip.

Step 3: Cut Off the End Strip

Cut off the extra tape at the end of the cube.

Step 4: Cut It

Use the something sharp to cut the lines.
Then jiggle it around.
This is actually really hard.
Just get it to move.

Step 5: The End

The end

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