Customize Skylanders Trap Team Logo Tutorial

Introduction: Customize Skylanders Trap Team Logo Tutorial

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Thanks for checking out my 'ible!

I have an Etsy shop in which this is one of my items. I can't see charging everyone for a single unchanging file again and again like lots of sellers there. I like to have the digital files I offer in my shop available for free to anyone who wants it, they have but to edit it themselves. I charge $3 to edit the file for those who do not know how or who don't have the program.

I thought it would be a good idea to post a tutorial to show how to edit the file along with the photoshop file for those who wish to edit it themselves. I hope this video explains the process well enough for anyone to follow. I just ask that you please don't use this tutorial and the file to start selling the same item on Etsy yourself. Thanks!

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