Customize Your Disney Magic Band Park Pass





Introduction: Customize Your Disney Magic Band Park Pass


If you are anything like me you have saved and planned for months to go your Disney vacation. And with a family of four all the little this and that's add up quick in the park. Now they come out with this great idea called a magic band. Basically it is your park ticket, meal plan, fast pass, and charge card all rolled into one nifty device on your wrist. Oh yeah, and the make all kinds of expensive and fancy wraps, slides, sleeves, and pins to put on it.

Step 1: Bare Bones

You can preorder your bands for your trip and they send them to your house.

Step 2: Supplies Needed

- A sharpie marker, pick your favorite color
- Band Aids - the fancy character type

Step 3: Stick It

pick you favorite band-aid print and stick them on the sides if the band

Step 4: Color It

pick your sharpie permanent marker and color in the mouse ears.

Step 5: Winning

BAM!, you just saved yourself about $60 and have a unique custome band to be proud of for next to nothing. Wear it out and about, you will get tons of complements.



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    4 Discussions

    so can you cover the Mickey symbol or will it block the censor when in Disney?

    Duck brand duct tape! They have a huge selection of Disney Themed tapes.


    4 years ago

    well it was the best I could come up with in the hotel room at Disney. Think what you want, I got tons of complements from people in the park and I like it.

    Painting the Mickey head is a cool idea, but the band-aids look horrible.