Customize Your USB Modem




Once upon a time I have bought USB modem. Mobile operator logo was too boring for me and I decided to make it more fun :)
So meet Futurama Bender style modem!

You’ll need:
1) USB modem (pref. white color)
2) File or sandpaper
3) Degreaser
4) Pencil
5) Lacquer or spray paint (clear)

Step 1: Prepare Surface for Drawing

Clean operator logo from modem surface using file or sandpaper. Wipe surface with some degreaser.
(Sorry, I have forgotten to get photo of this step. So it's just photoshoped picture)

Step 2: Draw Picture in Pencil

Find your lovely picture and draw it in pencil on modem surface.
As a big fan of Bender from Futurama I decided to choose this awesome character.

Disclaimer: I don’t have any talent for drawing. So I googled for Bender picture, printed it with certain zoom (to fit modem size), cut picture and outlined it with pencil on modem surface.

Step 3: Finish Surface

Apply clear lacquer (I use spray paint) to modem surface. Let it dry enough (see lacquer manual for details).
That’s all.



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