Customized Beer Mugs for a Party

Introduction: Customized Beer Mugs for a Party

For my daughter's Sweet 16 Birthday Party, which had a Harry Potter Hogsmeade / Honeydukes theme, we investigated purchasing 50 custom beer mugs for the Butter Beer, but the cost (and shipping) for even plastic mugs was prohibitive.  But our local Dollar Tree store had plenty of 25 ounce glass beer mugs in stock. 

She came up with a design which we printed on 2" x 4" clear labels.  To center them on each mug, we used painter's tape, which was then easy to remove and reuse.  The labels will probably only last a few hand washings, but they were perfect for the party, and the mugs made great favors.

The total cost for our 50 customized glass mugs was $59 + tax.

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