Customized Cat Face Purse




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Step 1:

What you'll need

Colored felt (matching your cats colors) (I used black, white, and tan)
Printer and computer

Your base purse is 1 sheet of regular felt folded in half (we'llcome back to that later)

Step 2:

Take a face photo of your model (mine is Jack)

Email it and print it out large enough for your purse size

Cut the face photo out

Step 3:

Take your base felt and draw an outline around the picture

Cut the base color out

Step 4:

Sorry the photos are sideways!

Take the overlay color and trace it (since my cat is black and white this makes it easier, if you have a calico cat it will be a bit tougher

Then "guesstimate" and trace the pattern of your cats face (for example my cat has a black nose, chin, a "mini" nose piercing and mask,

Cut those out and overlay

Step 5:

Make cat "cheeks" to underlay the nose, these are just smaller circles cut out from Looking at the picture

Step 6:

Now it's time to glue everything together!
You can add eyes, but it thought it made it look creepy.

I also added a nose bridge

Now glue the sides together (I used a pen to keep from burning my fingers)

Glue the base to the purse
The overlay into the base
And then the eyes (optional)

Step 7:

I also added his name for more of a "personal" touch

Step 8:

Glue anything else down,

Also, you can add a zipper if this is a traveling pocket, but I kept it as an open clutch

Let your cat approve :-)

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    11 Discussions

    marulan weighbridge

    3 years ago

    I got to your page when you commented on my Instructable. I absolutely love this. I think I'll make one with the faces of each of my 3 cats lol.


    3 years ago

    In fact your cat resembles Charlie Chaplin..... He here


    3 years ago

    In fact your cat resembles Charlie Chaplin..... He here


    3 years ago

    This is very cute idea . You cat is very sweet..... Very camera concious too! Lol


    Like at a craft store or a hobby shop, like
    Michaels or joanns