Customized Gamecube




Legend of Zelda the wind waker gamecube. you will need red paint, light and dark blue paint, white paint, gold paint, skin color paint, some sort of clear coat, and lots of paint brushes!

Step 1: Base Coat.

start by painting the entire gamecube a baby blue or sky blue. (the color seen through my blue was a different paint job I started but ended up ditching. )

Step 2: Next Paint the Boat

do all of the red first, then after the red had dried do the gold, and finally the white.

Step 3: Next Do the Water Highlights

all of the blue and white lines, just make sure they are wavy.

Step 4: Birds

now do the birds at the top

Step 5: Finally Zelda Himself

you are now ready to paint the man himself. and add the extra little details in on the birds and the boats head.

Step 6: Clear Coat

once you are done a coat of mod podge or what ever finisher you prefer can be added for a longer lasting paint job! you have now finished!



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    3 years ago

    Zelda himself... I know you must be trolling me...

    awesome design :P