Customized Rug

Introduction: Customized Rug

Tired of choosing from limited colors of rugs in the market? Don't Fret!!
Here's an idea to make a customized rug!!!

Materials Required:

Old Scrap clothes or any cloth of your liking

Step 1: Cut Into Three Strips!!

After selecting a cloth of your choice, cut them into thin long strips. Keep all the three strips together and tie a knot at one end and then start braiding.

Braiding instructions -
Hold the left strip in your left hand, the right strip your right hand, close to the palm, and the middle strip between two fingers of your right hand.

Cross the left strip over the middle strip (the left strip now becomes the new middle strip), switching it from your left to your right hand, then cross the right strip over the new middle strip, switching it from your right to your left hand, and so on.

Tip: Pull strips fairly tight, so the braid won’t be too loose and fall out.

Continue this till the end of the strips and secure the end with either a knot or thread and needle.

Step 2: Curve Them Up!!

Once you have your braid done, curl them up as shown in the picture. Sew them together to secure the curl.

Repeat the previous step to add more to your curl and make your rug bigger. I experimented a little by using the three strips of different color and then finally adding a border of one color. You can go as crazy with your imagination as you can.

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    3 years ago

    Hey nice one, even my mom made one ! with her saree :)