Customized Wrist Support for Typing on Keyboard

As it is seen in the image (Source: the right way to type on the keyboard is to have a support below your hand so that the axis passing through your wrist is parallel to the table.

For computer users and typist who have to use keyboard for a long period of time in a day, a wrist problem called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is experienced. A study suggests that more than 10% of the computer users and typist complain about CTS (Source: People experiencing problem)

Now if we consider only software developers out of many class of people who type for long hours in a day, the number goes to 18 million (Source: ).

If we combine both the data, it suggests that more than 1.8 million software developers in the world experience this problem. These are only software developers that are taken into consideration. There would be many others who would be experiencing the same problem. This number is huge and there needs to be a solution.

Fortunately, we have the exact technology (3D Printing) that can solve the problem quickly and for cheap

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Step 1: Scan Your Hand

We can make a customized support according the shape of your so that the support fits perfectly and helps in painless typing on keyboard for hours.

As shown in the figure, scan your hand and from a CAD software, make a cavity out of the shape of your hand. The height of this support can be kept as per the need.

Step 2: Convert in to .stl and 3D Print It

You are already half way. Convert your file into .stl and 3D print it. It is ready. Choose your own color and have fun.

There are two pictures above showing the side view of my hand with and without using the support. As it is clearly seen, the support will help have a straight axis passing through the wrist and parallel to the table which is the correct position according to the ergonomic reference

Step 3: Cushioning the Suppport

A simple step can hep you cushion your support.

Take an old piece of cloth of your choice, a sewing needle and thread. Cut the cloth in the shape you want and start sewing it. Keep one end open.

After it is done, add some cotton inside and sew the end.

Your cushion is ready.

Place it on your 3D print as shown in the figure and you are ready to use your customized soft support for typing on the keyboard.

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    3 years ago

    Neat and Functional...Nice work, Naishal !!


    3 years ago

    it's a nice idea coz i had some nerve in my right hand damaged temporarily because of incorrect hand position


    3 years ago

    Great work khantoo!!?


    3 years ago

    Nice innovation buddy.great job


    3 years ago

    This is a really interesting idea. Thanks for sharing! :)